In a different methodology, we found our way to end the stress a lot of property owners, as well as prospective and current tenants, go through when missing appointments and showings for the property, and we came up with a novel idea in addressing the situation.

INSNAPP founders, a team of dedicated entrepreneurs, have thought of making a change and contributing their own quota through technology backed with diverse experience in the real estate world.

INSNAPP founders have created an innovative platform that renovates the real estate showing process where tenants and the prospective tenants can be matched within a geographical location.

Their big focus was to eliminate the stress of showing properties to potential tenants and also to enable property owners or tenants to meet with prospective tenants in real time – no more missed appointments.

For property owners who list with INSNAPP, our app presents an easy way of getting more showings and visits to their properties. For tenants, simply convenience at its best. For prospective tenants, getting to see the properties is never in doubt - no more canceled shows.

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