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About LifetimeCode

“Software development is not what we do, it’s what we are.” - Emad Moh, Co-Founder & CEO, LifetimeCode

LifetimeCode is a software solutions provider. Based in Cairo, Egypt, our company provides solutions for companies and individuals that are seeking their presence online through smartphones/tablets and computers. Our creative team with deep *technical expertise* can deliver solutions that meet your business goals and help you grow for online market.

Since 2010 and we are on a continous development for our mobile applications development skills, we are always looking for the latest technology and the trending coding languages.

Our Mission

To build software which makes businesses succeed and bring the world to everyone’s fingertips and make their lives easier

Our Vision

To become one of the world’s leading software development company

Being a customer-oriented company, we do our best to make our processes as clear and transparent for you as possible. We adhere to the best industry practices and always commit to deliver a predictable high quality result that you expect from your vendor. We place the major focus on delivering secure, reliable solutions of long-term value that enable our customers to proceed with business with us forever

We love working at LifetimeCode because it’s our own company, 4 brothers working in the same software company as developers will definitely mean something to us, it’s our home. After getting work experience from various software companies, we decided to make our own.

Why LifetimeCode

The customer resolves all issues through a project manager responsible for work planning, overall management and progress tracking. The communication is carried out by email, instant messengers, phone and personal meetings.

A detailed plan is created at the beginning of each phase and is updated by the project manager weekly or more frequently if necessary. This allows transparent tracking of the project status and provides a clear vision of the project costs at every stage.

Ensuring that software components use unique namespaces and that each software component can be identified with versioning information are two important considerations for the Build portion of the Build and Test phase.


A sprint is the basic unit of development in scrum. The sprint is a timeboxed effort; that is, it is restricted to a specific duration.The duration is fixed in advance for each sprint and is normally between one week and one month, with two weeks being the most common. Each sprint starts with a sprint planning event that aims to define a sprint backlog, identify the work for the sprint, and make an estimated commitment for the sprint goal. Each sprint ends with a sprint review and sprint retrospective, that reviews progress to show to stakeholders and identify lessons and improvements for the next sprints. Scrum emphasizes working product at the end of the sprint that is really done.


"Let's Go" application received the Golden Award (1st Place) for Entertainment Category in the Pan Arab Excellence Awards Ceremony held on 24th of November 2015 in Dubai, UAE.

"Cairo Metro" application received the Golden Award (1st Place) for Transportations Category in the Pan Arab Excellence Awards Ceremony held on 24th of November 2015 in Dubai, UAE.


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