UAE Drive

A sophisticated technique to inquire about traffic fines and points for drivers in the UAE The first voice technology for conversation in Natural Arabic Language The user can query with audio for any traffic violation without being restricted to a specific formula, and the software will recognize the audio content and reply by audio with the legal description of the offense and the penalty prescribed in terms of traffic fines and points.

The user describes the violation in Arabic (Slang or Classical)

- تجاوز الإشارة الحمراء
- التسبب في قتل شخص على الطريق
- تجاوز الحد الأقصى للسرعة أثناء القيادة
- عمل تعديلات أو تغييرات في المركبة
- القيادة تحت تأثير مخدر

- قيادة مركبة بدون لوحات أرقام Any violation according to the reference of traffic violations followed in the UAE:

UAE Drive - Android Application
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