Weelo - Supermarket at home

Weelo is a software development company founded in 2017 and is the gateway for local supermarkets to leverage the rising e-commerce market. We strive for a world where smart retailers empower their consumers to order products effortlessly and have those delivered.

Our free downloadable app streamlines inefficient and complex home delivery processes to manage and track customer orders and deliveries for major supermarkets chains. We offer sheer convenience to individuals on the go, families, and shoppers with limited mobility.

Weelo offers an innovative way for supermarkets to answer the demands of new generation consumers and meet them exactly where they are: On their mobile phone.

Our app provides a hassle-free solution to all the pain points of inefficient phone ordering processes – delivering convenience, saving time, and putting an end to mystery bags.

Weelo - Supermarket at home - iOS Application, Android Application
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